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Sunday, 8 July 2007

Jakes Rake, Langdale 8th July, 2007

Ben and myself camped at the Great Langdale Campsite, once again in glorious weather. After a bar-b-que and pasta, we went off to the New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel for a pint (well I had the pint!).
Sunday morning; as you can see I've got Ben fully trained in his duties as tea boy! After breakfast, we set off for the path beside Stickle Ghyll from the back of the New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel, which leads up to Stickle Tarn. Having done Jakes Rake before, I thought it would be a good introduction to scrambling for Ben.

The path gets a little steeper and scramblier near the top, but all very easy and a good warm up for what's to come!

For those new to scrambling, the site of Pavey Ark across Stickle Tarn can look quite imposing, with no obvious route up for the non roped climber. However a right to left upwards slanting line can be seen across the face of the cliffs. This is Jakes Rake.

As you walk round to the right of the Tarn, the route becomes more obvious.

Now the route doesn't seem as bad, but again, to the normal hillwalker the thought of being so high could be a little duanting!

Once you get over the small scree slope, you soon realise that the "rake" is actually a shallow groove running up the face of Pavey Ark. Although it can sometimes be a bit wet and slimey, you are naturally protected from the drop by the rock wall to your left. Only on a couple of occaisons are you "exposed", and even then you would have to throw yourself off to fall! (That said, I don't doubt there have been accidents here). The adventurous can stick top the crest of the wall on good steps but with greater exposure.

Looking down over Stickle Tarn and enjoying a well deserved lunch!

After lunch, we headed for Harrison Stickle. From here you get a good view of Pavey Ark from the side.

Luckily we had the route to ourselves, but by the time we'd had lunch it was getting a bit crowded!

From Harrison Stickle we went over to Pike of Stickle, with views over to Bowfell and Crinkle Crags, and Scafell beyond.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Wales weekend, 1st July, 2007

After paddling up Tryfan yesterday, and binning Bristly Ridge on Glyder Fach in favour of dry underwear, today we headed up to Bwlch Tryfan - in the rain.

Mark enjoying a refreshing cigarette, with Willy, Alan, Myself and Gordon behind. The south ridge of Tryfan is visible through the low cloud and mist in the background.

Mark, Willy, Alan and Myself raring to go at the foot of Bristly Ridge on Glyder Fach. Again this is grade 1, with possible grade 2 sections if chosen. The route is obvious, following a stone wall up to start of Sinister Gully!

Sinister Gully without the water!

With perfect timing, the heavens opened up again as we basically climbed what became a waterfall, up over slime and wet rock. The ropes were duly used, and after having wet shreddies from yesterday, we now had wet simmets, as the water ran down your sleeves everytime you raised an arm to make a move!

When we got to the top of Glyder Fach, a brief walk to the Cantilver, was followed by a crappy descent to the east of Glyder Fach back to Bwlch Tryfan, and then back to the car/pub/pint!

By that time most of Wales seemed to be underwater!