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Monday, 6 June 2011

Wild camp - Red Tarn, 4th June 2011

A late start, around 2pm-ish on Saturday, gave my self, Stevie and Gordon enough time to make the 7 mile walk in to Red Tarn from the Patterdale Hotel before the low cloud really came in. We went via Grisdale as if to make for the Hole in the Wall. Then on to Lanty's Tarn and around the north side of Birkhouse Moor and the path to Red Screes and up to White Side at 863m. From here we went south to Helvellyn and then down Swirral Edge to the outflow of Red Tarn. We had hoped to get a good view of our potential camping spot but it was not to be!

We pitched right next to the outflow of Red Tarn Beck and set about cooking our tea (two packets of variously flavoured cheesy pasta for me). Gordon made noodles whilst Stevie "did something" with a beef curry he had brought with him. Sadly we couldn't take in the view of the crags through dinner so we set about setting the fire.

Environmentalists please note our pre-packed in the wrapper logs were placed on top of a large flat stone, surrounded by four more large stones to protect the ground. 

I woke at 4am and wondered if it was going to be sunny outside. I peered out of my tent to find that dawn was just breaking, with a thin layer of mist hanging over Red Tarn. So I took a few photo's and a short video before going back to bed.  

Later, about 8-ish, I got up again to find it reasonably sunny and a great view of Helvellyn's crags across the tarn. After breakfast (Tea, flapjack and jam roll), we set off on the remaining 7 miles back to Patterdale. This time via Striding Edge, Nethermost Pike 891m, Dollywagon Pike 858m, then down to Grisedale Tarn and the climb up to St Sunday Crag at 841m.
Sunday night was spent at Sykeside Farm Campsite where we had a barbecue followed by some Jennings Smooth Bitter at the Brotherswater Inn!