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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Scafell Pike via Great End, Esk Pike and Bowfell, 22nd June 2010.

After a day lazing in the sun and doing nothing it was time to get out and get some miles in!  We headed for Hollow Stones via the path that leads straight from the campsite and cut across to the Corridor Route and the head of Piers Gill.

Looking up to Hollow Stones from the campsite. The small notch in the middle would be our eventual return route later.

After joining the Corridor Route and passing the head of Piers Gill, we descended on the path to a point where the path levels, about 200m above a natural rock gateway. This is the start point for the grade II scramble up Great End. Although there was still some early morning mist which spoilt the views briefly.


Nice grade II scrambling came in several tiers of crags, and as we got higher the views down to Styhead Tarn improved although we never quite saw the top of Great Gable.

After a cuppa on the summit of Great End, we crossed over to the main path to climb Esk Pike with views over to Langdale and the "Pikes".

From Esk Pike it was on to Bowfell with the "crinkles" beyond.

Bowfell's summit has great views right over the Great Slab and into Langdale. From here we retraced out steps back to Great End, but stayed on the main route for Scafell Pike via Broad Crag.

The summit of Scafell Pike comes into view as we cross over Broad Crag.

We finally get a glimpse of Great Gable and the head of Piers Gill from above.

Looking across to Scafell from Scafell Pike. Sadly we didn't have time to the grade III Broad Stand route to it's summit, seen centre left of the picture. Lord's Rake can also be seen in the centre.

We still had to descend to Hollow Stones anyway, so we got a closer look at the famous Broad Stand route and it's notorious sloping terraces. A rope is usually advised , even on this grade III route due to the potential of it going pear shaped!

We also got a good view into Lord's Rake with it's jammed, fallen block at the top.

A careful descent from the col down a steep scambly and loose path brought us back into the Hollow Stones area and back on the path to the campsite with views of Wastwater all the way!


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John Carter said...

I had forgotten the perils of Broad Stand as my little son and I traversed Scafell one Winter's afternoon in 1960. By the time we reached the summit the sun had gone and ice was forming on the track. Thankfully, it was full moon and we shuffled down towards the 10 ft drop on our backsides- standing was too risky. I hung from the lip of Broad Stand using rucksack straps and the boy slid down my body to the step by "Fat Man's agony" And so we survived.
Even the stupid can be lucky!