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Sunday, 7 August 2011

A short walk below the Mischabel Hut, 7th August 2011

The morning rain had put off the local guides from organising any trips in the "Gorge", so after a stroll around the village and a visit to the Bergfurhrer Buro , we decided to take the Hannig cable car and do as much of the walk in (ie up) to the Mischabel Hut. 
We only had a couple of hours to walk as far as we could before returning to catch the last lift back down to Saas Fee. The walk is interesting though and would make a good day out in itself with lunch at the hut. 
We had seen people hand feeding Marmots the previous day as we took the cable car down from Spielboden, so I was hoping to catch a glimpse of one today. Luckily something caught my eye and sure enough there was a marmot, sitting on a rock about 30m away. I was tempted to leave the path to get closer but felt sure if I had I would've scared it off!  
We didn't make it as far as the start of the cables up to the hut unfortuneatly as we decided to about turn and make for the cable car and a beer! The return walk gives good views over Saas Fee and the surrounding peaks. 
There are also pockets of Ibex (as I call them , although I have heard them being called Bouqetin) around  the hillsides. Some of them appear in the most unlikely and exposed places.
On the way down we passed what I think was the edge of the Fall Glacier. I assume the Hohbalm Glacier would be further left as you face the mountain?  
There are always plenty of signposts and waymarkers on most of the routes. Some may say too many, but they do come on handy though! We made it back to the Hanning resteraunt in time for a quick drink before taking the last car down.

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