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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Scottish winter conditions - Turned back on the Tarmachan Ridge, 9th February 2014.

The promising weather over Ben Lawers wasn't set to last, but at least we got a view of something as we left the top car park on the Lawers road.
Looking up at the dam wall of Lochan na Lairige.
Having already stopped at the ruined quarry hut on the track in and geared up for the wild weather, it was time to stop and make some adjustments!
The deep snow and flat light made it hard work navigating our way north west up to the bealach, west of Beinn nan Eachan. The weather teased us with occaisional glimpes of the ridge ahead and the (false) promise of better weather.
However when we got there, we felt the full force of the wind and took shelter behind a snow drift to get a drink and some food.
Jon and Ruth, "enjoying" the full Scottish winter experience!
Willy and Jon posing in a break in the weather. Prior to this, we had turned east on the ridge and started to make our way over Beinn nan Eachan. However the visibilty dropped to maybe ten, twenty meters, and the wind was just about enough to take you off your feet. After a brief discussion, we about turned and retraced our, now filling in, steps back to the quarry.

Again, the weather teased us as we descended, with a brief glimpse of what might have been! Back at the quarry, we sheltered from the wind and snow, before haeading back to the cars. On the way though, we met two mountain rescue folks who were out on (sensibly!)snow shoes. They told us they were heading up to revisit the site of avalanche from the day before, where a walker had been caught.

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Bruce737373 said...

Sensible decission making.
Sorry I couldn't come along.