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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Swiss Alps - Allalinhorn 4027m, 10th August 2010, Day 1.

After two days of "warming up", we decided to go for the Allalinhorn via the Hohlaubgrat Route from the Brittania Hut. However with time to kill, we had a couple of shots on the Feeblitz bobsleigh run in Saas Fee first. We then took the Plattjen lift once again to 2500m and then the path that passes below the Mittaghorn and continues on to the Brittania Hut at 3030m which sits above the Chessjen Glacier. And with more time to kill we stopped for a drink at the resteraunt by the lift. This route takes about two hours although there is a shorter approach from the Felskin lift but that seems like cheating!

On the way we passed below the Mittaghorn and the ridge leading round to the Eginner at 3370m.

As we made our round we go our first veiw of the Brittania Hut overlooking the Chessjen Glacier.

We also made a few friends on the way - maybe we would see them again in a stew later at the hut?

They obvioulsy weren't too bothered by people as they just barged their way through on the path - very alpine like manners!

Looking back down the moraine slopes to our route just before crossing the glacier.

It was interesting to see so many day walkers slipping and sliding around on the glacier seemingly unaware of the possible dangers atlhough on a day like today, it all seems benign. Crampons weren't neccessary but there were still a few holes to fall down especially at the edges, just where all the day walkers were trying to "ski" down in their boots!

One of the safe crossings over the soft edges of the glacier.

Almost at the hut now with the glacier below, the Eginner in the background and the route from the Felskin lift through the middle of the picture.

At last after a seemingly long two hours in the afternoon heat, we arrived at our "hotel" for the night at about 3pm ish - The Brittania Hut sitting at 3030m.

We had aleady booked the day before by phone and although most of the staff speak good english, and me a little german, they still had the wrong name down in their book. However we still got a bed for the night although sleep was at a premium as we had the loudest snorer in Switzerland in our room! I did take ear plugs and my headphones for some music but I was just too lazy to get them out. Still the food was excellent and we had a good conversation with two lads from Belgium: Wim and Dennis who managed to eat any left over food they could find! They were heading for the Rimpfischorn with a 3am wake up call, and so retired even earlier than us who had a 4am call for the Allalinhorn.

From the hut looking out over to the Stralhorn (i think?) at 4190m. So after a couple of beers a good meal it was heads down at about 8pm and attempt to get some sleep. It wasn't long before there was a knock at the door inviting us for breakfast... 

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