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Friday, 13 August 2010

Swiss Alps - Weissmies 4023m by the Normal Route, 13th August 2010.

To get to the start of the "normal route" for the Weissmies, we took the first (7.30am ish) lift from Saas Grund right up top the top station at Hohsaas at3200m. From here we followed the main track past the Hohsaas Hut and onto the edge of the Trift Glacier. The weather wasn't to inspiring at this point and the view up to the glacier was the same. As we geared up amongst the jumble of rocks, there was talk amonsgt some of the guides of maybe turning back if it didn't improve.

However we were soon off the tricky rocky section and onto the glacier itself following the trail across and over to the seracs on the right hand side, easily bypassing any crevasses on the way.

After the interesting section throught the seracs (more pictures from the way down later), we soon on the broad ridge leading up to the summit.

The track just went up and up with a few slightly flatter sections, but most of the time we could see the final summit section looming ahead. 

As it got higher and a little steeper most teams started to slow down and as the weather improved we took the opportunity to take more photo's, if only to have a rest!

Looking back down over the Trift Glacier to the Hohsaas station and hut, with the Jegihorn in the background and the Lagginhorn to it's right.

Serious mountaineer pose.

Cheesy summit pose at 4023m on the summit of the Weissmies.

Lorna trying to look elated after a hard slog up to the top!

The snow ridge along to the foresummit; the route we would've come along by, had we stayed at the Allmagellar Hut on the other side of the Weissmies.   

Fantastic view of the seracs and a huge snow cave from above.

And the snow cave on further inspection. Note the route of the track above it.

Heading back across the Trift Glacier and a better view of some of the big crevasses.

Back at the start point looking across the glacier towards the summit. It was then on to the cafe for a well earned strudel and custard before heading back down to Saas Grund and the end of an excellent week. One schoolboy error I made today was not enough sun cream thinking it would stay in "Scottish conditions" and consequently we ended up looking like lobsters for a few days, including the white panda eyes where the glasses were!
I don't know if Lorna has the bug for this alpine stuff, but I certainly have, so hopefully I/we will be back next year. The Swiss transport system is fantastic and with a weeks lift pass we could take any lift any time and jump on and off the post busses as we pleased. We stayed at the Hotel Roby in Saas Grund, where Christian, the hotel manager also cooks excellent food. Roll on 2011 !

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